Established in 2015, FADZ Construction Inc. started small and humble. Accepting small construction projects through its sister company, Mearnz Green Technology Proponents Inc. Since Mearnz is the supplier of the Green Tough Panel, the eco-friendly substitute for partitions and walls, construction projects started pouring in, thus the birth of FADZ Construction Inc. The company profile clients with great satisfaction by delivering high quality output. Because of this, reputation of FADZ Construction Inc. became widely known- From small repair works to showroom and elevator lobby fit-outs to a clubhouse and a school, FADZ Construction Inc. never failed to give it’s best effort. All was achieved with the help of a team, which also work together as a family, consisting of hard working, goal-oriented and loyal people who are driven by the saying: JUST THINK OF HELPING WHILE DOING THE RIGHT THING


We are FADZ Construction Inc. Helping is our top priority! We help provide clients with high quality output at the most affordable and reasonable cost within the scheduled time, and targeted budget. Achieving it through teamwork, passion in construction and centrally focused on the goal. Doing the Right Thing is building strong business relationships, being fair and true to every clients, supplier and employees. It is very important for FADZ to maintain continued understanding and smooth transactions with our customers who relies on our commitment and integrity. We are humbled by our accomplishments and we improve on them every day.

FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC., was founded in the year 2015 by Fr. Nathaniel Mariano, OSJ, the President and CEO. FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC., started as a thesis project in a Master’s Degree Course of our President. He begun to market our GT Panel (Green Tough Panel) commonly known as SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) a modern and green wall partition system which is highly adaptable to fast growing Green and LEED projects. As GT Panel is slowly being accepted in the market, our founder have seen the opportunity to open up a construction arm for the trading company that will serve as the primordial supplier and installer of GT Panels, thus giving birth to FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC. FADZ is a colloquial and endearment term for “Father” as our founder is a Catholic Priest. FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC., started small and humble yet consistently growing at a very promising speed and in a short period of time it also established its in-house design group aptly named FADZ DESIGN & PARTNERS INC. and headed by Architect Guio Carlo Baniqued UAP, a young and visionary professional whose designs and renders has become the face of FADZ. Through its young years of existence FADZ CONSTRUTCTION INC., has not only established the GT Panel, its construction services and its Design specialties but alos developed business partnerships with Philippine Corporate giants namely, ALVEO (an affiliate of Ayala Land}, KLOOK Travels Inc., Petron Corporation, San Miguel Corporation, Astrurias Properties, builders, developers. construction companies and private residential customers. FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC., is humbled by its completed and on-going projects like schools, multi-level housing, churches, residential houses, office space fit-out, multipurpose halls and renovations. Part of growing bigger is giving back to the community, and FADZ is now slowly embarking on its FADZ Care program which focuses its cause on giving back to the needy, the sick, and the homeless by supporting some religious and charitable organizations. Through time, FADZ CONSTRUCTION INC. has embodied its core competence thru its slogan, a battle cry for its employees that will forever reverberate into their hearts: “Just think of helping, while doing the right thing.”


We are FADZ Construction Inc., We will be a General Contractor who “just think of helping, while doing the right thing” in serving our valued customers in fulfilling their projects.

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